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Jul 192016

Volunteer For Better Los Angeles

There are many ways to make a difference as a volunteer in Los Angeles area. It may surprise you that one of the places that could benefit from volunteer help is City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

Our very own Department of Recreation and Parks is involved in an enormous amount of interesting projects that call for volunteer participation. There is plenty more than parks and recreation: there are athletic facilities, urban wilderness, historic sites, special programs and events. Yes, there is more, for example: Griffith Park, the Hollywood sign, Venice beach…..

Enrolling into the volunteer program of City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks would definitely contribute to Los Angeles and benefit our community. Chances are, volunteering for such an important cause (Los Angeles!) would be gratifying to YOU as well!

Anything L.A. Magazine picked out a few highlights from their volunteer opportunities, take a look:


Programs and Positions In Recreation


Day Camp and After-School Program Support: Volunteers serve as inspirational mentors, positive role models, tutors, teachers, coaches, snack servers, field trip chaperones, and provide other support for After-School Club Programs and summer Day Camps.

Museum Support: A variety of roles including docents, researchers, and event planners, are available to volunteers with the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, the Drum Barracks, Fort McArthur Military Museum, Banning Residence Museum, Travel Town Museum, and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

Special Events: Volunteers assist in planning and producing Recreation and Parks-sponsored events and festivals; also, community and civic groups made up of volunteers may participate in events such as park clean-ups or community health fairs which are planned and produced by outside organizations with permission of Recreation and Parks.

Senior Programs: Opportunities exist for volunteers to provide companionship and program support for senior activities and events.

Sports: Volunteers are needed for leagues, tournaments, and clinics to coach, manage, keep score, and officiate for sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, golf, skate boarding, soccer, swimming, flag football, boxing, and volleyball.

Community Boards: Volunteers participate as advisors and stakeholders in community boards such as a Park Advisory Board (PAB), which is appointed by a facility’s director to provide feedback, advocacy, and assistance, or a Volunteer Neighborhood Oversight Committee (VNOC) which advises on a specific proposition K Project.

Administrative and Clerical Support: Offices from Recreation and Parks headquarters and the Regions to the local recreation center director’s benefit from volunteers willing to process paperwork, answer phones, do filing, create flyers, send e-mail reminders, organize meetings, and perform a host of other tasks that are the vital backbone of an efficiently running program.

Instructors: From experts and retired instructors to enthusiastic novices ready to help and learn, volunteer instructors participate and even run classes for dance, fitness, cooking, and many other skills and interests.

Sounds interesting? Visit this page and enroll!