Oct 212016

After The Great California Shakeout Drill

On the 2016 Great California Shakeout Drill (10/20/16) Mayor Garcetti said:

“People around the world are participating in the Great ShakeOut drill today, as we remind ourselves to be ready in the event of a major earthquake. I am glad that so many Angelenos are participating, because in Los Angeles we know that a big quake is a matter of ‘when,’ not ‘if.’ We just have to be prepared, and our city is taking proactive steps to save lives and property. Last year I signed into law the strongest earthquake safety measures in America. We’re making buildings and infrastructure more secure, fortifying our water system, and creating new partnerships in telecom, transportation, and disaster response to make all of our communities more resilient.” Mayor Eric Garcetti

Millions participated in the earthquake preparedness drill, for the rest of us here are some GREAT earthquake preparedness resources. We all know that the Big One is coming. Earthquake preparedness is THE best defense when the Big One hits.

This is a valuable how-to information that can – and will – save us during and after an earthquake. Print it out and attach it in a place where the people you care about will see it – and read it – often.



Other important earthquake resources can be found on the Great California Shakeout Website.



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