Jun 302016

Show L.A. Youth The Way

Hire LA’s Youth is one of the City’s most exciting programs to put young adults to work, ensuring they have “first time” job experience that will set them on the path of lifetime earners. This year we are committed to providing 15,000 jobs for young people ages 14 to 24 who live in the city of Los Angeles.

Become a Partner with the Hire LA’s Youth Initiative

  • SPONSOR employment for one or more youths – a $2,200 pledge to the program sponsors one youth
  • HIRE one or more young people at your workplace
  • GET SUBSIDIZED SUMMER YOUTH EMPLOYEES by offering supervised work at your workplace
  • SPONSOR SUMMER YOUTH EMPLOYEES and GET SUBSIDIZED SUMMER YOUTH EMPLOYEES by offering supervised work at your workplace

This Program Benefits All Angelenos!
Thousands of motivated young job seekers apply each year hoping for a summer job opportunity and Mayor Eric Garcetti and our workforce partners are determined to put 15,000 young people to work this summer with the goals of:

  • Preparing young adults for the 21st Century workforce in the city of Los Angeles
  • Engaging youth in positive activities during summer
  • Partnering with the city’s business community
  • Developing long-term employment opportunities for L.A.’s youth

They are the future, let them know you care! Learn how to get involved in Hire LA’s Youth.

Your life is calling: Learn how to prepare for a job!



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Jun 112013

Metro Announces New Summer Art Tours: Metro Art Moves_DTLA

Metro Announces New Summer Art Tours

Union Station, City of Dreams/River of History, Richard Wyatt in collaboration with May Sun, Artists. Courtesy of Metro (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority). Anything L.A.

This summer, Metro launches a new series of tours, Metro Art Moves_DTLA. The new series expands Metro’s year round tour program providing creative explorations of stations in downtown Los Angeles.
The Metro Art Moves_DTLA tours are a fresh, new approach that aims to increase transit ridership through volunteer docent and artist led experiences of the Metro system. Tours introduce riders to the agency’s diverse collection of 300+ artworks, familiarize the public with the services Metro provides and highlight destinations served by rail and bus.

Focusing on three downtown stations, summer tours (July-September) are offered the first Thursday of each month from 5:30-7:00pm. Tours begin at 7th Street/Metro Center Station and end at Civic Center/Grand Park Station at Grand Park, with live music and food trucks.

The Metro Art Moves_DTLA tours build on Metro’s existing docent-led tour model, by adding artists to co-lead the tours. Metro Art worked with artist Sara Wookey to identify opportunities for local artists to amplify the docents’ extensive knowledge about artworks with activities that heighten tour-goer engagement and demystify the Metro system. The docents lead discussions, offering facts about the artworks, and the artists prompt ways of engaging with the Metro system through contemplative exercises, including stylistic techniques for using the TAP card, and speaking secret words into a special voice-activated artwork at Union Station. Wookey’s artistic practice involves awakening people to the subtleties of public space and creating opportunities for participation in the urban landscape.

Metro Art Moves_DTLA tours are designed to attract new transit riders by creating connections between the places where people live and work, and the bounty of culinary and cultural adventures spread throughout Los Angeles County. Metro Art Moves_DTLA tours present Los Angeles from new vantage points, heighten the rider experience in fun and engaging ways to boost public perceptions about riding transit, promote rider etiquette and offer opportunities for discovery. The tours re-frame the experience of taking transit, giving riders the opportunity to explore little known cultural treasures, iconic landmarks and downtown’s thriving cultural scene.

Metro Art Moves_DTLA summer tours: First Thursday of the month, 5:30pm-7:00pm. Meet promptly at 5:30pm at the entrance to the 7th Street/Metro Center Station, at the northeast corner of Figueroa and 7th Street, under the ceiling mural by Terry Schoonhoven. All tour participants get free TAP cards loaded with day passes.

General Information:

The tours are approximately 90% walking; there are elevators and escalators in all the stations.

There are public restrooms available at Union Station and at Grand Park. Go Metro and save at various places near the tours. For more details, visit http://www.metro.net/service/discounts/marketstours/metro-art-moves_dtla/. Metro provides Bus and Rail transportation to downtown Los Angeles until 2:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. For your best route or more information, visit Metro’s Trip Planner or call (323) Go Metro (466-3876).

Metro Art Program

From rail and bus stations to transit facilities, construction fences and poetry cards, Metro Art enriches the transit environment and contributes to the artistic vibrancy of the neighborhoods we serve. Metro commissions artists to create engaging artworks that make the journey more inviting and pleasurable for transit users. The artworks mirror Los Angeles County’s rich contemporary and popular cultures.

Established in 1989, the Metro Art Program has commissioned over 300 artists for a wide variety of temporary and permanent projects. Artists are selected through a peer review process with community input. All works are created specifically for their transit-related sites. Metro’s public art policy allocates one half of one percent (0.5%) of project construction costs for art.

For more information visit metro.net/art or call (213) 922-4ART.

Artwork copyrighted, all rights reserved. To request images of artwork for publication please email zellerh@metro.net.