Jul 302017

White House Infighting vs. Nuclear Threat


Anthony Scaramucci is in. White House chief of staff Reince Priebus is out. No transgenders in American military. Obamacare stands. North Korea threatens.


New Communication’s Director
Sean Spicer is on the way out. New communication’s director – Anthony Scaramucci – is in. In just days we’ve learned A LOT about him. He is President Trump’s devotee and certainly doesn’t mince words….

As for Scaramucci’s “colorful” – or off-color – language, the whole country was taken by surprise. His “directness”, I’m referring here to Scaramucci calling the chief of staff Reince Priebus “…… paranoid schizophrenic” and “paranoiac”, was equally shocking. Neither however elicited any response from the President. The lack of the President Trump’s reaction is telling. It suggests that Scaramucci’s “style” is acceptable. It may suggest that this is how conversations in Trump’s White House are conducted. Diplomatic protocol, basic decency and social norms, leave alone: respect for the office are history.

Ouster of the chief of staff
Just a day after the new communication director’s outburst against the White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus was let go. (Keep an eye on Scaramucci: he is not only entertaining but a good indicator of the President’s upcoming actions.) The new chief of staff is now General John Kelly whose work as the Secretary of United States Homeland Security earned President Trump’s recognition.

The President encourages police “Not to be so nice”
President Trump himself attracted plenty of attention last week when he told a crowd of law enforcement officers during a rally in Suffolk County, New York “Not to be so nice” while arresting suspects. (The President of United States encouraging police brutality?! Don’t we have enough of it already?) To the police’s credit, it responded to his wish with a firm refusal.

No place for transgenders in American military
In one of his many tweets, President Trump announced that transgender service members will no longer be a part of the United States military. In his own words, the President arrived at this decision after consulting with “his generals”. In response the actual United States’ generals – who unlike the “President’s generals” were not consulted – stated that no action will be taken based on a tweet.

Transgender – and other members of the LGBTQ community’s – service was and is used by the military. Many of the LGBTQ soldiers are decorated veterans. To the best of my knowledge, all have served – and are serving – with honor. How disgusting, to take advantage of someone’s patriotism, commitment and sacrifice and then dispose of him or her on a whim….

This is Los Angeles reaction to the President’s new plan against transgender members in the U.S. armed forces.

Mayor Garcetti on President Trump’s ban on military service by transgender Americans:
“No one who is patriotic, courageous, and selfless enough to serve in the armed forces should be denied that opportunity because of who they are. The President’s decision to bar transgender Americans from military service is at odds with the values of freedom and equality that our men and women in uniform fight for every day. Equality and respect — not discrimination — should guide how we treat anyone willing to risk their life to defend our country and its people.”

City Attorney Mike Feuer Statement on Trump Ban of Transgender Service Members:
“The 15,000 transgender men and women now protecting our nation deserve our deepest gratitude for their courage and patriotism. But today our commander-in-chief dishonored their service and denigrated their humanity in a reprehensible act of discrimination. This is outrageous on every level. To transgender people here in Los Angeles, you will always have a staunch ally in this office.”

Another attack at Affordable Care Act failed: Obamacare stands.
Meanwhile in the Senate, the latest attempt at demolishing the Affordable Care Act took place. Known as the “skinny repeal” without a replacement, the latest attempt at harming Americans failed.

Three brave Americans – Republican Senators – cast the deciding votes against it: Senator Susan Collins of Maine, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Senator John McCain of Arizona.

The first speech John McCain has given upon his return to the Senate – after being diagnosed with brain cancer – was met with considerable criticism. To us, his NO vote on the skinny repeal confirms that once a hero, always a hero. (Senator John McCain returned to Arizona for cancer treatment and we wish him all the best!)

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine applauds all three Senators who put allegiance to their constituents above political expediency. There isn’t much integrity left in the Republican Party but there is still some.

Meanwhile in the world
In North Korea, another successful missile launch took place. It is now believed that the North Korean military has the ability to deliver a nuclear warhead not just to Hawaii but Los Angeles, Chicago or New York.

In the United Kingdom, the parents of little Charlie Gard gave up their legal battle to have the baby treated in the United States. Charlie died last week before reaching his 1st birthday. The “wisdom” of the government prevailed over parental love. Predictably, the baby died. Rest in peace, Charlie. Our prayers are with Charlie’s parents.


Another bewildering week: one wonders whom today’s White House represents and whose interests it “serves”. Between public cursing and infighting, lack of gratitude, calls to brutality, repeated attempts to deprive the most vulnerable Americans of healthcare, did our government notice that we might be facing a NUCLEAR THREAT?…..

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich



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How slow are you?

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Our White House serves itself! F... our concerns as long as the "leadership" benefits.
Apr 122017

America Has Changed

Has anyone else noticed that America has changed or is it just me? It seems that lately whenever I turn on the TV set there is some shocking news coming at me. In the last few days in particular the news has been overwhelming my sensibilities.

The new administration in Washington D.C. and its eyebrow-raising policies not withstanding (canceling Meals on Wheels, the travel ban, the attack on Syrian airbase, etc.), these three events are mind-boggling to me:

1/ Sean Spicer speaking of Syrian civilians who were bombed with a toxic gas emphasized that even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons during the WW2. REALLY? First and foremost, the statement is false: Hitler killed millions of people in his gas chambers and concentration camps. (Yes, with chemicals!) Second: should a person as ignorant as Sean Spicer be the White House Press Secretary?… Read more

2/ David Dao, American doctor was forcibly dragged out of United Airlines plane: is this a way to treat a passenger?! A better question: is this a way to treat ANY human being, for any reason, under any circumstances? To knock off someone’s glasses, beat them and physically drag them out of a plane…. Where are we? Is it still our Country? If United needed Dr. Dao’s seat that badly, why overbook flights? Who should be punished? The airline that sells tickets it shouldn’t be selling or a paying passenger? Following the brutal beating Dr. Dao is hospitalized. Read more

3/ A man (Nandi Cain Jr.) was arrested for jaywalking in Sacramento: in the process he was thrown to the ground and brutally beaten by the arresting officer. Once again: should anyone be treated this way by a police officer sworn to “serve and protect”? (Incidentally, the jaywalker was arrested and then released: no charges were filed against him.) Can you imagine how a truant student or a shoplifter could be treated?! I wouldn’t be surprised if one got shot dead and the other had his hands chopped off. Read more

What has America come to?! I named only three of the latest examples but we all know that these are not the only instances of shocking ignorance and morally reprehensible behavior, we have seen recently. America has changed. If we were to consider only the three examples I named above:

  • Don’t take Sean Spicer seriously, he really doesn’t know what he’s saying and has proven it, repeatedly.
  • Don’t travel by plane: anything can happen to you in the unfriendly skies.
  • Don’t leave the house: you can get beaten senseless by a police officer for no reason.

America has changed. If it were an option, it would be best to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. As it is we are being overwhelmed by false information and no one is safe. Paranoid? Yes and aware of it, but don’t YOU share my feelings? Sean Spicer is still the Press Secretary. United Airlines is still overbooking flights. Police brutality is a nearly daily occurrence. Surprisingly(?), not a word of condemnation from the White House…

Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine’s Editor, E. Elrich




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Not even Hitler, REALLY?!

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Thank you for the "paranoid" editorial. I also feel that our world turned upside down. Sean Spicer's statement in regard to Hitler was highly offensive and no apology of his is a sufficient amend.