Nov 132016

Change Lives, Donate Books

One Human Community (a grassroots movement in San Fernando Valley) provides FREE books and FREE access to books to support education and reading. Would you please donate books you have already read and / or books your kids have outgrown?

The books you no longer read or need can help One Human Community prevent poverty by inspiring love of reading in underprivileged children in SFV. That’s why books for children and books for teens as well as recent textbooks are the main priority. Still, books for readers of any age are needed, too. (Both, fiction books and non-fiction books for adults can become welcomed companions for seniors!)

One Human Community believes in the power of books! Books can help create strong community, support education, inspire, ease loneliness, combat bullying and more! Your unwanted books can change lives!

Older model (but working) electronic book readers and computers are needed, too. (There are free books available Online: some from the Public Library and some as free downloads from other sources.) Books can change lives provided they are accessible.

One Human Community is working hard to make books available in San Fernando Valley FREE to those who need but can’t afford them. Your donations will be much appreciated!

Contact One Human Community if you have books, old readers or a computer to donate. They welcome drop-offs and will pick up your donation in San Fernando Valley. Holidays are coming, your unneeded books could make someone very happy….



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Apr 222014

Art of Wolf Kesh Burning Out

Critically Acclaimed Painting by Wolf Kesh “Burning Out” is available for a limited time on Deal On Bid On auction. Wolf Kesh’ “Burning Out” was appraised at upward of $20,000. The auction starts at $6,000.

Wolf Kesh is Southern California-based Essentrist. Some of his paintings can be viewed on One Human Community’s Website.

In “Burning Out” Wolf Kesh suggests that much of life is lived on automatic pilot.

Faceless army of corporate zombies: uniformly dressed, single-mindedly focused, whole-heartedly devoted…… Corporate trance. Brainwash as the price for achievement. All of them investing their entire life’s force in their careers. All of them too busy and too tired to realize that they’re burning out day after day: losing their individuality, their ability to think independently, their humanity and ultimately, sacrificing their lives to a corporate monster.

“Burning Out” by Wolf Kesh is an original painting, Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas. “Burning Out” by Wolf Kesh measures 48″ x 60″.

Visit Deal On Bid On and join the bidding to claim this original and timely painting…