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About the J. Paul Getty Trust

J. Paul Getty Trust

The Getty is based in Los Angeles / Anything L.A.

The J. Paul Getty Trust is a cultural and philanthropic institution dedicated to critical thinking in the presentation, conservation, and interpretation of the world’s artistic legacy. Through the collective and individual work of its constituent Programs—Getty Conservation Institute, Getty Foundation, J. Paul Getty Museum, and Getty Research Institute—it pursues its mission in Los Angeles and throughout the world, serving both the general interested public and a wide range of professional communities with the conviction that a greater and more profound sensitivity to and knowledge of the visual arts and their many histories are crucial to the promotion of a vital and civil society.

The Getty is based in Los Angeles, California, and welcomes nearly 1.8 million visitors each year to its two locations, the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Getty Villa in Malibu.

The Getty Center, a dramatic hilltop campus designed by Richard Meier, opened in 1997 and celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2007.

The Getty Villa in Malibu, the original location of the J. Paul Getty Museum, reopened in early 2006 with a new mission as an educational center and museum dedicated to the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria.

Both the Getty Center and the Getty Villa serve a varied audience through exhibitions, conservation, scholarship, research, and public programs.

J. Paul Getty viewed art as a civilizing influence in society and strongly believed in making art available to the public for its education and enjoyment. He opened the J. Paul Getty Museum to the public in 1954. This small museum, established in his ranch house in Malibu, housed collections of Greek and Roman antiquities, 18th-century French furniture, and European paintings. Fascinated with the ancient world of the Mediterranean, he later built a Roman-style villa, modeled after the Villa dei Papiri of the first century A.D.

When most of Mr. Getty’s personal estate passed to the Trust in 1982, the Trustees sought to make a greater contribution to the visual arts through an expanded museum as well as a range of new programs. The Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Research Institute, and the Grant Program were founded in the 1980s. The Grant Program became the Getty Foundation in 2005.

The J. Paul Getty Trust continues Mr. Getty’s vision, supported by directions from his will, which calls for “the diffusion of artistic and general knowledge.”

Historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust’s activities are held in the Institutional Archives at the Getty Research Institute.