Sep 062016

Love of a preowned pet

A word on pet adoption: everybody loves a puppy or a kitten which is why baby pets get adopted first. But the pets that NEED to be adopted – whose lives literally depend on being adopted! – are adult. Many people are hesitant and even intimidated by the prospect of adopting a grown up, preowned pet.

As I said elsewhere, I’m a dog person, I love dogs and had dogs all my life. All my dogs came to me as puppies, but one.

The one who came to me preowned had a painful past and yes, he was a pet with special needs (a kidney condition) which made for an initially difficult relationship. (We were two adults with life’s baggage who had to develop a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding, it wasn’t a smooth road.)

It took some time for the relationship to become cordial and gradually, friendly. But once it did… the rewards of our friendship were more precious than any I have known before. We shared the same values; the dog was much better judge of characters than I ever was; he not only understood commands but knew what I’m thinking…. His medical problems were costly and very stressful. Still, ours was a once in a lifetime relationship. We’ve been together for 19 wonderful years.

I don’t have a dog, right now. The preowned pet dog I adopted left a scar on my heart that didn’t heal, yet. I still miss him and I’m not ready for another dog.

I share my story to let you know that adopting a grown pet with a history could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. After all, unless you’re a kid, you have “baggage”, too. Guess what, it takes someone who has history of his or her own to accept and understand yours.

Preowned pets require sensitivity, understanding, compassion, a loving and loyal friend / household, even more so than baby animals. They were betrayed before, this time each of them needs someone who won’t let them down. They won’t let you down, ever.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / E. Elrich


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