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Two Canoga Park and One Granada Hills Homes Sites of White Supremacist Gang Activity, Rampant Drug Sales and Illegal Gun Sales


In a sustained effort to rid the city of gang and crime infested properties, City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office has taken a series of actions against the property owners and resident gang members and associates of the notorious San Fernando Valley (SFV) Peckerwoods gang, a white supremacist criminal street gang, at three separate single family residences, two in Canoga Park and one in Granada Hills.

All three homes are alleged bases of operations for members of the SFV Peckerwoods, and have been the sites of rampant criminal activity, including illegal gun and drug sales, as well as places to make pipe bombs, store stolen property, and recruit and train associates in counterfeit and identity theft. One was informally abated and two are the subjects of lawsuits.

“We’re fighting to prevent white supremacist gangs from threatening our neighborhoods with their toxic brew of violence, crime and hate,” said City Attorney Mike Feuer. “My office will continue to take every step we can to combat them–and all that they stand for.”

“These properties are near schools and libraries and we need to do everything in our power to make sure that our children are safe and grow up in a Los Angeles that empowers tolerance and equality,” said Councilmember Bob Blumenfield. “I commend City Attorney Feuer for taking action against this gang that has been engaged in criminal activity and peddling hate in our communities.”

“This group not only represents a significant public safety threat to our local communities, but also represents an assault on our values of tolerance and equity here in the City of Los Angeles,” said Councilmember Mitchell Englander, Chair of the Public Safety Committee. “I want to thank City Attorney Feuer’s office for their commitment to eradicating this notorious white supremacist gang from our communities.”

“The Los Angeles Police Department is committed to eradicating these “dens” of criminal activity from the San Fernando Valley,” said LAPD Deputy Chief Robert Green. “Residents can sleep easier knowing our city entities are collaborating to ensure criminal elements are being barred from our residential neighborhoods. This action also underscore’s both the City Attorney’s office and the LAPD’s commitment to weeding out groups that profess hate.”

The City Attorney has filed an abatement lawsuit against Johnny Reed, a member of the SFV Peckerwoods gang and a shot caller for the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, who resides at the single-family residence at 16440 Index Street in Granada Hills. Also named as defendants are Monica Lewis, the owner of the property, as well as her two adult sons, Norman and Robert Lewis. The property is located within 1,000 feet of John. F. Kennedy High School and Jane Addams High School and has a reputation in the community and among law enforcement as an alleged hub for white supremacist gang members and distribution of methamphetamine and heroin.
Documented criminal activity at the property this year includes:

  • In June, a member of the SFV Peckerwoods was arrested at the property on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle. Officers also recovered methamphetamine, credit cards, two California identification cards and a social security card, none of which were in the suspect’s name.
  • In September, law enforcement officers arrested two individuals at the property for burglary. One arrestee was allegedly a member of the SFV Peckerwoods residing at the property and the other was a member of the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, a white supremacist organization.
  • In October, law enforcement officers recovered heroin and methamphetamine from the property during an arrest of Defendant Johnny Reed and Robert Lewis for narcotics sales. Norman Lewis was also arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm.

The City Attorney also filed a lawsuit against Erik Cutshaw, a known associate of the SFV Peckerwoods gang, who resides at the single-family residence at 7244 Loma Verde Avenue in Canoga Park. Also named as a defendant is his brother, Kenneth Cutshaw, the owner of the property. This property is 500 feet away from the Canoga Park Branch Library.

Erik Cutshaw has been arrested at least three times since 2012 in connection with criminal activity at the property. In November 2016, Defendant Erik Cutshaw was arrested by LAPD and ATF officers for illegal sales of narcotics and illegal sales of a 9 mm handgun, magazines, and ammunition during an undercover operation. Officers recovered 36 stolen automotive radiators stored onsite.

Another location, 7756 Farralone in Canoga Park was informally abated by the City Attorney after Erik Cutshaw was arrested for allegedly planting a pipe bomb under a vehicle parked outside the property, a residence of a rival gang member. The bomb exploded at that location, which is directly across the street from Columbus Middle School. The City Attorney has successfully worked to cease the gang and nuisance activity at the 7756 Farralone property and it is not the subject of any of the lawsuits. All occupants have been evicted, and the property is currently listed for sale.

The filed lawsuits involving the 16440 Index property in Granada Hills and the 7244 Loma Verde property in Canoga Park seek an injunction prohibiting gang and criminal activity on each property, removal of any fortifications and structures that inhibit the service of search warrants, and prohibiting the installation of surveillance cameras, among other safety provisions. The injunctions will also prohibit any members or known associates of the San Fernando Valley Peckerwoods, or any other criminal gang, from accessing the properties at any time.

Feuer also recently established an easy-to-use online method through which residents may report properties with gang and/or narcotics activity in their neighborhoods. He’s asking residents to report these properties by calling his office at (213) 978-8340 or visiting the City Attorney’s website: All reports may be made anonymously.



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Jul 212016

Interview With The Owner Of Saj Bakery

Saj Bakery Lebanese Cuisine In Granada Hills

The Owner of Saj Bakery speaking with the Editor of Anything L.A. Magazine

Nestled in the Balboa Mission Square in Granada Hills is a nice Mediterranean Bakery with an open kitchen, huge ovens and Shawarma grills. This is the Saj Bakery, serving authentic Lebanese cuisine.

Editor: First and foremost, what does “Saj” stand for? Is it a first name? An abbreviation?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Oh, no! Saj is traditional bread popular in Middle Eastern countries. It is baked on a domed or convex metal griddle, known as Saj. The bread is delicious, thin, and healthy.

Editor: That’s a mystery solved! Would you tell us about your bakery and its menu?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Saj Bakery is family-owned. Everything we serve is made with love like we make it for ourselves. Like my Mom makes it at home. Everything has her touch….

Editor: You mean the dishes you serve are based on your family’s recipes?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Yes!

Editor: I’ve been at Saj Bakery at lunchtime. The place was packed! The long line to cash register represented every ethnicity in America. I was surprised that Lebanese food has such a wide appeal. What accounts for such popularity of your bakery?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Our food is healthy, tasty and has many fans. As for our popularity, believe it or not, it has grown through word of mouth. People may come to us by accident but they return on purpose and yes, they spread the word. Just last night, we’ve had here a family of four: they were telling me that they found out about Saj Bakery from their visiting cousins, who learned about us from their friends….

Editor: I’ve seen Saj Bakery’s glowing customers’ reviews on Yelp.

Owner of Saj Bakery: I have to admit that I’m humbled and proud that our customers are so generous with their praise.

Editor: Would you tell us about the food and the menu?

Owner of Saj Bakery: The food we are serving is Iranian in origin with the addition of the Lebanese flavor. The menu ranges from Shawarma to Falafel and Humus; there are Middle Eastern sweet treats and more!

Saj Bakery Lebanese Cuisine In Granada Hills

Shawarma to die for!

Editor: I’ve seen a lot of fresh vegetables, too…

Owner of Saj Bakery: Our food is 100% natural and we have made a strong commitment to keeping it that way. It is prepared fresh every day at our location by using only the best ingredients. We will never use preservatives, or artificial ingredients.
We also prepare and serve a lot of Manakeesh, traditional Lebanese pies. The pies are served with many different toppings. We put the dough with the topping in a stone oven and serve it hot.

Editor: If I understand you correctly, these are hot sandwiches, right?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Yes and they are delicious! I’d also like to mention that throughout our menu there are choices for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Our meals are available to eat in and as take-out. We provide catering service, too.

Still, we are constantly surprised by the high demand and the level of traffic we’re getting.

Editor: I think it’s the food and your welcoming staff. One more question, if I may, what is the secret of Saj Bakery’s success?

Owner of Saj Bakery: Good quality food, made with love and care, extreme cleanliness (we have A rating) and the best possible customer service.

Editor: And location, location, location….

Owner of Saj Bakery: Absolutely!

Interview with the Owner of Saj Bakery
by Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / Eve Elrich

The Saj Bakery
11146 Balboa Blvd,
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Phone: (818) 368-4000


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