Jul 052016

Mind Detox Section of Anything L.A. Magazine

What’s Anything L.A. Magazine’s idea of Mind Detox? Considering our schedules, stress of daily life and the constant news overload, EVERYBODY needs a break. A break for reflection or even mindless laughter.

That’s why the Mind Detox category of Anything L.A. Magazine provides information on current and upcoming cultural events and entertainment in Los Angeles as well as funny videos, weekly. (Occasionally, there might be a heartwarming story or two, too.)

Immersing yourself in culture, feeding – as opposed to depleting – your mind is nourishing. A good belly laugh is recognized by physicians as a healer. A mix of both is bound to detox your mind and body plus lift your spirit.

Choose from weekly fresh:

Culture And Entertainment In Los Angeles
Have A Laugh On Us

Jul 042016

Have A Laugh On Us

No highbrow here, just plain belly laughs to unburden you from all the stress! Laughing is a scientifically recognized remedy for stress. It resets the brain. It helps us focus and think better. Last but not least, it makes us optimistic…

Anything L.A. Magazine brings you fresh selection of cute and funny videos every week! Have a laugh on us: you’ll feel better.

This week: A little funny and a lot of CUTE!

Animals, our best and funniest little furry friends

Watching a Puppy Grow: The first 14 days

Kittens Being Bottle Fed

Kittens Sleeping in Hands