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Best Friends Animal Society: A Pioneer, Pet Advocate And Pet Rescue

Best Friends Animal Society, the national animal charity – with a chapter in Los Angeles – has a long record of achievements. The organization pioneered the concept of no-kill animal shelters, educates pet owners and advanced low cost – and free – spay and neuter programs. An excellent advocate and organizer, Best Friends Animal Society created coalitions with city shelters, other non-profits and individuals committed to the cause of pet rescue to significantly reduce the number of animals killed in shelters nationwide.

Best Friends’ Outreach Program No More Homeless Pets Network combines efforts with other rescue groups and animal shelters to magnify the results of public education, pet adoptions and fundraising events.

Best Friends’ Initiatives involve legislative efforts and raising public awareness. Many of their initiatives have already produced measurable results. We are all aware now of the puppy mills’ issues and the hidden tragedies of the pet “industry”.

I admit to being familiar with pitt bull issues: the pitt bull is by nature a very sweet, loyal and loving dog. It is people – NOT pitt bulls! – who by their wrong-doing created the false image of a pitt bull as a fighting or a killer dog. The public awareness of this falsehood was propagated by Best Friends Animal Society.

Here is what I didn’t know: the majority of animals killed in shelters are stray cats. Best Friends Animal Society introduced an innovative concept of capturing these free-roaming cats to neuter and then return them to community. A brilliant idea not only in my opinion: it helped reduce the number of cats euthanized in animal shelters by 65%!

The Los Angeles Chapter of Best Friends Animal Society is very active. There are pet adoption / fundraising events (Strut Your Mutt and NKLA Adoption Weekends). There are two physical locations hosting saved pets: the Best Friends Pet Adoption & Spay Neuter Center in Mission Hills and the NKLA Pet Adoption Center in West Los Angeles. Best Friends Animal Society introduced and continues spearheading the NKLA initiative which since its inception in 2012 helped reduce animal deaths in Los Angeles shelters be nearly 50%.

Best Friends isn’t one of the non-profits that raises funds and rests on its laurels. The organization started with the mission of saving animals and not only remains true to its mission but continues expanding on it.

The below is only one story of a life saved and restored by Best Friends….

Anything L.A. Magazine respects Best Friends Animal Society’s a pioneer, pet advocate and pet rescuer and is ready to support its pet adoption efforts in Los Angeles area.

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Editor / E. Elrich


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