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Oct 232013

Shot of the Day, Toy Drive Flier

Image: Moonrise over Chilao School, October 19, 2013

Shot of the Day Toy Drive Flier

Just one month to Redbird’s Blanket, Toy and School Supplies Drive and Mini-Powwow.  Please note we have a new date, time and location. We are very grateful and excited to announce that the northern traditional drum Blue Star will be singing for us once again.  Dancers, bring your dance regalia and join us for a four hour powwow.
Our Open House and Planning Party at Chilao School was a success, and a lot of fun.  The link below will take you to an assortment of 53 images that include moonscapes and sunrises, campfires and friends, and will give you a good feel for the school and the surrounding forest.  Thank you so very much to everyone who attended and contributed.

Corina Roberts, Founder
2013 Vice President, MEPSA