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Jan 032017
Follow The Sun Float in 2017 Rose Parade

Follow The Sun Float in 2017 Rose Parade
Photo property of L.A. Mayor

Every then and again, we get frustrated and sweat the small stuff. Some of us feel that our Country is losing the direction it took decades to define. We get annoyed with traffic, our job and boss. The daily grind often blinds us from noticing what’s right with our world.

According to Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles made significant progress in 2016. In the video, he highlights some of the milestones of our city’s growth in 2016. They are hard to argue with.

Los Angeles: A Look Back at 2016

Mood of the moment aside, we are making progress. Congratulations to Mayor Garcetti and the City’s administration. Congratulations to us. There are good reasons to move forward with optimism!



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