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Oct 042016

Official Earthquake Advisory For L.A.

San Andreas Fault

Prompted by the recent “quake swarm” in Salton Sea area seismologists issued an official earthquake advisory.

The quakes that shook the Salton Sea area this week occurred in a quick succession and less than four miles from the San Andreas Fault. It is feared that the series of earthquakes could be foreshocks and might trigger a MAJOR earthquake. The official earthquake advisory is in effect until Tuesday, October the 4th. The likelihood of a large quake will diminish after that date.

Our seismologists don’t usually make predictions. There is every reason to take this earthquake advisory seriously. The Big One is coming (whether in the next few days or few years), our only real defense is preparedness. Take your chances: get some extra food and water before the weekend, double-check your batteries and earthquake kit. It’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry!