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Jul 312016
Mollie Lowery Los Angeles Mother Theresa

Mollie Lowery: Los Angeles Mother Theresa

Only one day after Mayor Eric Garcetti announced new effort to combat homelessness In L.A., a long time advocate for the homeless, mentally-ill and destitute, Mollie Lowery passed away.

Mollie Lowery left a long list of accomplishments behind. (She co-created the Los Angeles Men’s Program for mentally-ill homeless men, HousingWorks, and more.) However those who knew her well know that her greatest legacy are the individuals whom she’s helped to reclaim their lives: the formerly homeless, formerly poor, formerly ill, formerly addicted or altogether, formerly lost.

Just like Mother Theresa, Mollie Lowery didn’t seek public accolades. She cared, she served and tirelessly so. Her compassion for fellow human beings compelled her to organize walking tours of the Sierra Nevada Mountains especially for the homeless, believing that Nature replenishes human spirit………

Many believe that birth – the act of giving life – is a miracle. Restoring life has to be an even greater one. Mollie Lowery performed many miracles in her lifetime and is considered a saint by those whose lives she touched.

In a statement, Mayor Garcetti pays tribute to Mollie Lowery:

“The City of Los Angeles mourns the death of Mollie Lowery, a fierce advocate for homeless Angelenos who spent her life supporting those living on our sidewalks, and treating them with the dignity, respect, and empathy they so rightly deserve.
Mollie co-founded the Los Angeles Men’s Program (LAMP) in 1985, when thousands of people living with mental illness were released from state-run hospitals and long-term housing programs, and found themselves on the street with nowhere to turn. Through her grace, patience, and stubborn determination, Mollie established LAMP as one of the earliest Housing First programs in Los Angeles. She was a revolutionary, who understood that relapse is a part of recovery, and that loss of housing cannot be wielded as a threat to force sobriety. When she co-founded HousingWorks, she helped establish a national model that works with homeless people for as long as it takes until they are ready for housing. Today, at least 90% of residents placed by HousingWorks remain housed a year later.

The City will continue to honor Mollie’s legacy by sustaining our commitment to ending the homelessness crisis.” Mayor Eric Garcetti