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Los Angeles Craigslist Alternative


Top In L.A. – a part of Anything L.A. Network – is considered Los Angeles Craigslist alternative. Why? Craigslist – world and nationwide – is the pioneer of Online classifieds and no one seeks to – or could – diminish its glory. Top In L.A. and its many Los Angeles Classifieds “tributaries” – if you will – cater exclusively to L.A. WITHOUT the restrictions imposed on users by Craigslist.

  • Top In L.A.’s Los Angeles classifieds and listings have no posting limits
  • there is no “flagging” / no “ghosting”
  • legitimate ads and listings don’t get kicked out
  • no phone verification is required
  • equality: the same rules for ALL (individuals AND business!)
  • easy interface to edit, delete or renew your ads and listings
    no unwanted emails
  • most of the Websites don’t impose posting frequency limits
    some of the Websites provide free classifieds (or listings) and some low cost paid advertising (or listings)

Top In L.A. Los Angeles Classifieds Network doesn’t have Craigslist’s volume of L.A. classifieds (and listings), but with a NICE following on social networks, all Top In L.A.’s Los Angeles Classifieds get PLENTY of exposure Online!

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