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Business promotion Online is a challenge, business promotion of a LOCAL, Los Angeles business Online even more so.

Los Angeles Business Directory

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Los Angeles Business Directory takes the guesswork out of Los Angeles business promotion. Anything L.A. Magazine’s Website is local, features content of interest to residents of L.A., it attracts large numbers of Angelenos who are your customers. Better yet, every listing or ad posted on Anything L.A. Los Angeles Business Directory is promoted also to our large Twitter following.

Promote L.A. business on Los Angeles Business Directory and become a part of Los Angeles’ most popular, local Website. provides visitors with a wealth of Los Angeles information from reliable City News to up-to-a-minute Earthquake News.

Waiting for customers is costly in more ways than one. Expanding your customer base is essential. Anything L.A. Magazine is LOCAL and so are the visitors of our Website!

You might say that Anything L.A. Los Angeles Business Directory is Los Angeles alternative to Craigslist for Los Angeles business promotion. Without the restrictions. Without the stress. With affordable rates.

Benefits of a business listing on Anything L.A. Magazine:

  • If you don’t have a Website yet, Internet promotion will attract new customers to your business
  • If you have a Website, you’ll have the benefits of Online promotion plus: a valuable, LOCAL backlink to your Website that will greatly contribute to your own Website’s visibility, traffic and search engine ranking

Relax and promote your Los Angeles business on Anything L.A. Magazine’s Los Angeles Business Directory! (Your business’s location can be anywhere in Greater Los Angeles!) You’ll get comprehensive listing, multiple pictures, Google map, excellent search filters, and more: all of it at a rate you CAN afford!

Business promotion takes work, time and – in most cases – money. With Anything L.A. Magazine’s Los Angeles Business Directory, you’re in charge: you’ll be able to edit, delete and renew your ads, easily. No stress. No restrictions. So go ahead: promote your Los Angeles business on Anything L.A. Los Angeles Business Directory!

With eight years of history behind us, we’ve introduced Los Angeles Business Directory relatively recently and it is very popular with our Website’s visitors. Obviously, the sooner you start your business promotion on Anything L.A. Magazine’s Los Angeles Business Directory the MORE attention your business will get. It won’t get lost among a million other listings. It will get promoted to our many followers on social networks…

SELF SERVICE (submit the listing yourself) Register and promote your L.A. business, right now: waiting for customers costs you money! Simply:

  • register (Keep notes while registering! We don’t send junk emails.)
  • login (the login button is at the bottom of the right sidebar)
  • and promote!

FULL SERVICE (all work done for you at no extra charge!)

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P.S. Non-profit? Looking for a discount? Got NO advertising budget? NO PROBLEM!