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Aug 202016


Mayor Garcetti announces that LADWP has exceeded annual water main replacement goal

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has replaced more than 32 miles of deteriorating water main across the city over the last year, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today.

The figure tops LADWP’s goal for the 2015-16 fiscal year by more than 20,000 feet, marking the first step in an aggressive effort to replace more than 520 miles of pipe over the next decade. Water main replacements are a critical investment because they produce a dramatic reduction in leaks — enabling more water conservation and fewer service disruptions.

“Every drop counts when we’re in drought conditions, and L.A. can’t afford to let rotting pipes and bursting water mains get in the way of conservation,” said Mayor Garcetti. “These water main replacement numbers show us what we can do to effectively fortify our water system with smart investments. I am confident that we can build on this success in the months and years to come.”

LADWP was able to surpass this year’s water main replacement goal in large part because of a sensible rate increase package approved earlier this year. That plan has enabled LADWP to invest in the city’s water system now and plan for years of future progress.

In addition to planning 520 miles of water main replacement over the next 10 years, LADWP aims to reduce its system-wide water pipe replacement cycle from 225 years to 120 years by 2020.

“LADWP’s top priority is to provide safe and effective water and power service to our customers. Our leak rate in 2015 was less than the national average, with about 17 leaks per 100 miles per year compared to the national average of 25. But we know we can do better,” said LADWP General Manager David Wright. “By continuing to ramp up replacement of aging infrastructure, we hope to lower that rate even further — saving water and improving distribution citywide.”

“My office is working hand-in-hand with LADWP on proactive and necessary infrastructure repairs throughout the Hillsides and San Fernando Valley,” Councilmember David Ryu said. “Investing in our City’s water system will lead to a reduction of pipeline breaks, improved water quality and enhanced fire protection. Additionally, taxpayer dollars will be saved by immediately investing in our water mainlines.”