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Nov 242016

Happy Thanksgiving Los Angeles

As Angelenos, we are thankful for the wisdom of our City Leaders. L.A. Mayor Garcetti took stand on homelessness and human rights, made a commitment to veterans, children, small business and green energy. LAPD Chief Beck is building a relationship between the community and law enforcement. L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer who fought for – and won – justice for customers of Wells Fargo Bank.

We give thanks for Los Angeles Community Leaders, L.A. Charities and Angelenos with a heart who made sure that no Angeleno is without a turkey dinner, today.

As Californians, we are grateful to have Governor Brown at the helm of our Golden State. Among the many bills he passed in recent months are several that protect rape victims and the natural environment.

As people, we give thanks for our Loved Ones and Friends. Those who are here and on our side and those who watch over us from above.

As Anything L.A. Magazine? We thank you for your support. YOU are the reason the magazine has grown so much! Happy Thanksgiving to our Readers, Subscribers, Advertisers, Sponsors and Partners. It wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving without you….



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