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Mar 302014

Getty Museum Heaven and Earth Byzantine IlluminationHeaven and Earth: Byzantine Illumination at the Cultural Crossroads
Date: Daily, March 25 – June 22, 2014,
Location: North Pavilion, Plaza Level, Getty Cent. The glittering courts of the Byzantine Empire (A.D. 330–1453) have long been admired for their rich tradition of manuscript illumination. The prominent use of gold, a striking sense of naturalism,
and a distinctive spiritual character were among the widely celebrated aspects of Byzantine art in the Middle Ages. These qualities inspired artists and patrons in other Christian locales, including western Europe, Armenia, and Ethiopia. Primarily drawn from the Getty Museum’s collection, this exhibition also features important loans in partnership with Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections, on view at the Getty Villa from April 9 through August 25, 2014.