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Aug 122016
Free Summer Entertainment In Los Angeles

Ford Theatre’s JAM Sessions.The Jam Sessions and the photo courtesy of Ford Theatre.

We all love summer. We all love music and entertainment. What to do if you can’t afford expensive tickets?… In Los Angeles? Plenty! Lucky for us there are many concerts and events to be enjoyed FREE of charge! Explore the information and links below and have fun regardless of your budget!

The Getty Center with its Saturdays Off the 405 series of free concerts and events offers a great evening complete with a cash bar: stunning city by night views and the entertainment are free. Check the schedule.

Santa Monica Pier holds Twilight Concerts which feature a rich variety of musical genres from rock to disco and a lot in between. View schedule.

Pershing Square presents Summer Concert Series: the Downtown Los Angeles setting is picturesque, there is more entertainment than music (there are films on Fridays, too), the audience ranges from busy professionals who enjoy lunchtime concerts to residents and tourists who take in salsa and rock on Thursdays and Saturdays. See schedule.

Ford Theatre‘s JAM Sessions take place at the Ford AND at public sites throughout Los Angeles County (Pomona, San Fernando and Newhall)! The offerings are diverse from Celtic dance and swing to Indian dance and Hulu, Salsa and Funk. Best part? You’ll be invited to dance, participate and co-create! Ready to go?

Farmers Market hosts Friday Night Music, Fridays from 7 – 9 pm on the West Patio. The food is great and entertainment is free. Friday Night Music’s menu is family-friendly but by no means boring: take a look!

Levitt Pavilion’s Summer Music Festival in Downtown Pasadena is wholesome enough for the youngest audience members and exciting for the rest of us. The entertainment choices range from Latin, African and pop concerts to a marionette show… Must check out!

California Plaza is the home of summer’s Grand Performances and features a spectrum of multicultural performing arts including concerts, theatre and yes, disco! Take it in!

Traditionally, arts are inclusive. In Los Angeles summer entertainment – in its many forms – is available to audiences of all income brackets AND free!


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