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Aug 132016

For Oksana Grigorieva Talk Wasn’t CheapMel Gibson’s former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva talked about Gibson during The Howard Stern Show radio interview. The fact that she spoke about Gibson violated legal agreement obliging her to keep silent about her stormy relationship with the star in exchange for a $750,000 settlement.

In response, California Court of Appeal has denied the Russian pianist / singer the remaining payment of $500,000 of the agreed upon total $750,000 amount. According to TMZ, Oksana’s The Howard Stern Show radio interview relieves Gibson from fulfilling his end of the deal. Talk Wasn’t Cheap for Oksana Grigorieva.

Long story short, courting publicity cost Oksana Grigorieva cool half a million dollars! It gets worse, the original price of her silence was to be a shocking $15,000.000. The initial amount was eventually reduced to a “mere” $750,000. Grigorieva collected “only” $250,000 and forfeited $500,000….

Talking about hardship: according to reports, the “unconscionable” Mel Gibson who – in addition to financing Grigorieva’s music record – set up Oksana and their daughter Lucia in one of his multi-million dollar homes – pays only a “modest” $20,000 a month in child support. It’s been said that the latest financial setback (the loss of the half a million dollars), forced Oksana Grigorieva to file bankruptcy.

It bears mentioning that Grigorieva was married twice, had well-publicized relationship with English actor, Timothy Dalton (popular for his role as James Bond) with whom she has a son. All of it prior to meeting Mel Gibson.

The Russian pianist, singer, songwriter and artist is best known in the US for “Un Dia Liegara”, a song she wrote for Josh Groban. “Un Dia Liegara” was a part of his popular 2006 “Awake” album and gained considerable acclaim. As a singer in her own right, Oksana recorded several albums, released music videos and performed live.

Still, it appears that her most successful endeavors to date had little to do with music…..

Anything L.A. Magazine’s Entertainment Editor / I. Sturm


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