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Oct 272016

Donald Trump’s Star Vandalized

Donald Trump’s star on the world-famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame was vandalized. A local smart aleck frustrated with Donald Trump’s treatment of women took a sledge hammer to the presidential candidate’s and reality TV star’s Hollywood star while having the act recorded on video. The vandal was actually interviewed on TV news and stated that he’s prepared to be arrested, serve time and / or pay restitution.

I don’t know about you, but I find the incident deeply disturbing. Did we really sink so low that we have to settle political differences with sledge hammers? Is vandalism a way to express political convictions?

We noticed while back that this presidential race is very different from the preceding ones. The three Presidential Debates confirmed it. But there is no place in the political dialog for vandalism or violence of any kind. Committing an act of vandalism speaks volumes of the perpetrator, it doesn’t discredit the victim.

No form of violence is – or will ever be – a socially acceptable expression of political views. In a democracy there is NO place for violence.

This incident may appear to be minor. The damage itself may well be minor as well. Still, the perpetrator should be punished and his actions condemned. A message needs to be sent to all that no vandalism and no violence will be tolerated, before, during or after the election, regardless of its outcome. In our Democracy – and in any civilized society – the only acceptable ways to express political convictions are through political activism, active participation in the political process and casting a vote. Politically-motivated vandalism or violence cannot – and will not – be tolerated in the United States.

The destruction of Donald Trump’s star isn’t a political statement or an act of bravery but stupidity. It isn’t a vote for or against. The only “achievement” of the vandal is few seconds on TV and a public condemnation. Let’s hope that our collective outrage will discourage any further displays of violent behavior on either side of the political aisle.



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