Jun 252017
Remembering Otto Warmbier

22 years old Otto Warmbier has died only days after being returned to the United States by North Korea. The University of Virginia student – on his way to Hong Kong for a study-abroad program – used the days before the program was to start for a brief tour of North Korea. As he was […]

May 212017
Betty Shelby Got Away With Murder

Even though we have seen the video of how the killing of 40-year-old, unarmed, African American, Terence Crutcher unfolded, white Tulsa police officer Betty Jo Shelby was acquitted by a jury. During the testimony, officer Shelby defended herself by saying that she shot Crutcher because he didn’t obey her command to lie on the ground […]

May 182017
Washington Shenanigans

The shenanigans in Washington D.C. don’t seem to stop: The shocking firing of FBI Director, James Comey President Trump’s strange reference to tapes of their conversations in the White House Comey’s alleged memo which supposedly claims that President Trump asked him to stop investigating Gen. Flynn who – in the words of the President – […]

Apr 192017
Fresno Shooter In Custody

An arrest has been made. The African American shooter is charged with killing three (four?) people (all white males from 36 to 58 years old) as well as two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Even though the killer – Kori Ali Muhammad, 39 – shouted “Allahu Akbar” (which means “God is great” in […]

Apr 122017
America Has Changed

Has anyone else noticed that America has changed or is it just me? It seems that lately whenever I turn on the TV set there is some shocking news coming at me. In the last few days in particular the news has been overwhelming my sensibilities. The new administration in Washington D.C. and its eyebrow-raising […]

Apr 072017
U.S. Strikes Syria

  America stood up for Muslims barred from entering the United States by President Trump’s suspended travel ban!   Less than 48 hours after the city of Sheikhun, in Syria’s Idlib province was bombarded with a lethal nerve gas which killed more than 80 including at least 30 children (presumably by the Assad regime), United […]

Mar 162017
Hawaii Has Spoken: NO Travel Ban

  A federal judge in Hawaii, U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson, stopped President Trump’s revised travel ban cold in its tracks. The judge blasted the new Executive Order on travel ban as unconstitutional, discriminatory and damaging to Hawaii’s economy (harming in particular education, technology and tourism industries). The modified travel ban was to suspend […]

Mar 072017
Insanity Rules

This is a brief overview of national news. This time, draw your own conclusions: are we moving forward or is the America we all love disappearing? President Trump cast wire-tapping accusations on President Obama. Obama dismissed them as nonsense. James Brien “Jim” Comey, Jr., the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked the Justice […]

Feb 222017
New Immigration Enforcement And L.A.

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti made the following statement on DHS Plans for Implementing the President’s Executive Orders on Immigration: “Stoking fears of mass deportation, turning our backs on refugees and children, denying asylum-seekers the right to see a judge, and showing indifference to suffering are not policies to make us safer — they’re a […]

Jan 152017
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

We celebrate Martin Luther King’s Day every year. This year – just days before the Inauguration Ceremony during which a President Elect who expressed his disregard for civil and human rights will be sworn into the office – it seems more significant than ever. We all know who Martin Luther King Jr. was and what […]

Jan 102017
Impact Of Meryl Streep’s Appeal

As we just reported in our 2017 Golden Globes’ memorable moments, Meryl Streep took a stance in defense of freedom of the press during her Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award’s acceptance speech. As it turns out her appeal had immediate impact. She called on the foreign press and American public to support the Committee […]

Dec 252016
President Obama’s Legacy: How The Unpopular President Saved America

The Obama era is coming to an end, President Elect Trump will be sworn in the office in a few short weeks. Nearly half of Americans look forward with anticipation and hope to his inauguration and his turn at the wheel. It is a tradition however to look back before closing a chapter. President Obama […]

Dec 242016
Jane Fonda The Ageless Idealist

Jane Fonda – daughter of the legendary actor Henry Fonda – is a world famous, Oscar-winning actress, Hollywood star, aerobics’ guru and a best-selling author. She is also a lifelong social activist who: Protested against the Vietnam War and Iraq War Took an active part in the Civil Rights Movement for equality for African Americans […]

Nov 262016
Fidel Castro Dies At 90

Hated and loved, Fidel Castro transformed Cuba. As an idealistic and patriotic young lawyer, Castro took issue with social injustice, brutality and corruption of Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship in Cuba. He repeatedly tried to overthrow the dictator and eventually succeeded in 1959. Castro ruled Cuba since 1959 until 2006 when illness forced him to step down […]

Nov 172016
Anything L.A. Magazine Is Building Community Offline

Anything L.A. Magazine is building community offline! Anything L.A. Magazine, Los Angeles digital magazine, is growing. We have many thousands of visitors. Our subscribers’ list is growing. Our Twitter following is growing. Anything L.A. Magazine informs Anything L.A. Magazine entertains Anything L.A. Magazine supports what’s right Anything L.A. Magazine advocates Anything L.A. Magazine educates Anything […]

Nov 052016
Disgusted With The 2016 Presidential Race

  The Disgust With The 2016 Presidential Race was avoidable with a little “homework”. Perhaps next time we should explore the alternatives before settling for a candidate, political party or a president.   The 2016 Presidential Election is days away but the nation has expressed its opinion already: 82% of Americans are disgusted with the […]

Oct 302016
After SFV Bone Marrow Drive For Adam Krief

The day has arrived and Anything L.A. Magazine held the much anticipated bone marrow drive for Adam Krief. A representative of Be The Match® (National Marrow Donor Program®), was there with testing kits as well as plenty of informational, educational and promotional materials. There were volunteers eager to be tested to hopefully be the match […]

Oct 202016
The Last Presidential Debate Of 2016

For the third and last time before the Presidential Election, the two presidential candidates took on issues and one another at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. (The debate was moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News.) This time, both presidential candidates appeared composed. The tone of the debate itself was significantly more civil […]

Oct 082016
Anything L.A. Magazine Bone Marrow Donor Drive For Adam Krief

Adam lives in Los Angeles. He is a member of our community. Anything L.A. Magazine serves millions of Angelenos and asks YOU to get tested as a potential donor for Adam Krief. We are organizing a Bone Marrow Donor Drive in the hope of finding a match for Adam Krief. (The drive will take place […]

Oct 082016
Living Donor Donations

We all know that organ donation save lives. When we think of organ donation, we usually associate it with the decision made by a family at the end of someone’s life. But living donor donations are becoming increasingly common. We frequently see on the news how a loved one – or a friend – of […]