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Jun 242017
Grand In Downtown Los Angeles

The Wilshire Grand Center has opened in Downtown Los Angeles, setting records. The 73-story building at 1,100 feet high is the tallest building west of the Mississippi and 9th tallest in the entire United States! Yes, there is more! The spectacular roofline of the new building is designed to reflect the shape of the Half […]

Jun 232017
L.A. Justice Fund

Mayor Garcetti on the City of Los Angeles’ $2 Million Share of the L.A. Justice Fund “Immigrants do not stand alone in Los Angeles, and this City is bound to the American values of equal justice and due process. Today’s City Council vote makes possible the allocation of our $2 million share of the L.A. […]

Jun 232017
Dangerous Construction Debris Company Brought To A Halt

  CITY ATTORNEY FEUER SECURES INJUNCTION AGAINST OPERATORS OF DANGEROUS BOYLE HEIGHTS CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS COMPANY Operation was the Site of a 25-Foot High Pile of Construction Debris that Caught Fire and Smoldered for Six Weeks   City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that his office has successfully secured an injunction prohibiting further operation at a construction […]

Jun 212017
Cocaine Dealing At A Day Care Stopped

  CITY ATTORNEY MIKE FEUER SEEKS INJUNCTION AGAINST OWNERS OF HIGHLAND PARK HOME ALLEGEDLY DEALING COCAINE WHILE OPERATING UNLICENSED DAY CARE CENTER   City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that his office, in partnership with LA IMPACT, has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the owners of a Highland Park home where, allegedly, large scale […]

Jun 132017
LA City Attorney Cracks A Case of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

  CITY ATTORNEY FEUER DETAILS LATEST CRACKDOWN, WARNS PUBLIC ABOUT DANGERS OF ILLEGAL SALE OF MIS-LABELED, COUNTERFEIT PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS   City Attorney Mike Feuer today detailed his office’s latest efforts to crack down on local merchants known to illegally sell counterfeit or mis-labeled pharmaceutical drugs as well as warn the public about their serious health […]

Jun 022017
Climate Mayors Oppose U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement

MAYOR GARCETTI LEADS ‘CLIMATE MAYORS’ TO OPPOSE U.S. WITHDRAWAL FROM PARIS AGREEMENT Mayor Eric Garcetti today led a coalition of mayors across the United States in denouncing President Trump’s decision to walk away from the Paris Climate Agreement. “Climate change is a fact of life that people in Los Angeles and cities around the world […]

Jun 012017
Mayor Garcetti Fighting For The Homeless

“The results of LAHSA’s Homeless Count are not a surprise to Angelenos, who have seen the number of unsheltered people in their neighborhoods grow before their eyes. The City of Los Angeles is making progress in our efforts — housing more than 9,000 people in 2016 alone. But the extraordinary number of people falling into […]

May 252017
LA City Attorney Mike Feuer On Body Shaming

“This was a very important case to me – as a father, as a son, as someone who recognizes the damage that body shaming can do because it is so humiliating,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. “The issues that surround body shaming can be devastating – not only to daughters and mothers, but […]

May 242017
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer Office Has Its Hands Full

The very accomplished L.A. City Attorney who has successfully asserted justice in Los Angeles and for Los Angeles on many occasions has more work defending Los Angeles and Angelenos since January. The excess work originates from Washington. The latest example: Attorney General Session’s New Charging And Sentencing Directive. By all appearances the new directive (you […]

May 172017
City Attorney Mike Feuer Secures Restitution For Victims

CITY ATTORNEY FEUER SECURES RESTITUTION FOR VICTIMS ALLEGEDLY SCAMMED BY CHATSWORTH WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION COMPANY California Restoration to pay $88,000 to 23 victims, $150,000 Civil Penalty, Establish Restitution Fund of $250,000 In his continuing efforts to protect consumers, City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced his office has secured restitution for 23 victims allegedly scammed by […]

May 162017
Mayor Garcetti Facilitates Affordable Housing

  Garcetti creates more affordable housing and protects thousands of Angelenos from eviction by enabling the City to legalize certain unpermitted housing units.   Mayor Garcetti signs Ordinance to legalize more Affordable Housing Units: Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed a new law that will create more affordable housing and protect thousands of Angelenos from eviction […]

May 132017
Lee Baca Sentenced To Three Years

U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson sentenced former Los Angeles sheriff Lee Baca – who was found guilty in March – to three years of federal prison for obstructing federal corruption and civil rights investigation. Baca resigned – or “retired”, if you will – in 2014 only after federal agents became suspicious of the way he […]

May 122017
Mayor Garcetti Watches Over Owens Valley

  Mayor Garcetti visits Owens Valley to monitor LADWP emergency flood control efforts   Mayor Eric Garcetti traveled to the Owens Valley to survey the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) emergency flood control preparations for what the utility expects will be a record snowmelt from the Eastern Sierras. The trip comes after […]

May 112017
Wage Theft Prosecuted In Los Angeles

  CITY ATTORNEY FEUER FIGHTS FOR RIGHTS OF HOME CARE WORKERS AGAINST ALLEGED WAGE THEFT Lawsuit Alleges Valley Homecare Provider Paid Employees As Little As $5.50 Per Hour or Less, Failed to Provide Overtime Wages   Continuing his aggressive fight against alleged wage theft, City Attorney Mike Feuer announced his office has sued a Canoga […]

May 062017
$10,000 Award for Emerging L.A. Theatre Artists

  CENTER THEATRE GROUP NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR THE 2018 RICHARD E. SHERWOOD AWARD June 5th is the Deadline to Apply for $10,000 Award for Emerging L.A. Theatre Artists   Center Theatre Group is now accepting submissions for the 2018 Richard E. Sherwood Award. The deadline to submit an application is June 5th 2017, at […]

May 012017
25th Anniversary Of 1992 L.A. Riots

25 years ago Los Angeles was burning…. The riots were believed to be the African American community’s reaction to the acquittals of four LAPD officers accused of the brutal beating of Rodney King. There were however several other factors that likely contributed to the uncontrolled outburst of black frustration, among them are the disproportionately high […]

Apr 262017
L.A. Commemorated Armenian Genocide

Tens of thousands of Armenians and their friends (including Los Angeles city’s leadership) marched on Monday outside the Turkish Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard in commemoration of the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian genocide. The Armenian genocide took place between 1915 and 1918 (and again between 1920 and 1923) and resulted in a mass murder of […]

Apr 252017
Mayor Garcetti Protects Affordable Housing

  Mayor Garcetti continues to tackle housing crisis with new law strengthening Rent Stabilization Ordinance   Mayor Eric Garcetti continues to aggressively address Los Angeles’s housing affordability crisis with a new law that strengthens enforcement of the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO). The new legislation will preserve rent-stabilized units or require that new affordable housing […]

Apr 242017
Mayor Garcetti’s 2017-2018 Budget And Vision For Los Angeles

  Mayor Garcetti proposes new budget that builds on first-term progress, and charts a course to L.A.’S future   Mayor Eric Garcetti today unveiled his proposed 2017-18 budget — a fiscally responsible spending plan that focuses on the City’s commitment to ending homelessness, builds on the Mayor’s efforts to improve basic services, and puts voter-approved […]

Apr 212017
L.A. Cracks Down On Gang And Drug Dens

CITY ATTORNEY FEUER ESCALATES CRACKDOWN ON GANG AND DRUG DENS THROUGHOUT LA   Five Lawsuits Seek to Curb Rampant Criminal Activity at Properties In the San Fernando Valley and South Los Angeles Intensifying his ongoing effort to rid the city of gang and crime infested properties, City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that his office has […]