Jun 252017
Remembering Otto Warmbier

22 years old Otto Warmbier has died only days after being returned to the United States by North Korea. The University of Virginia student – on his way to Hong Kong for a study-abroad program – used the days before the program was to start for a brief tour of North Korea. As he was […]

Jun 242017
Grand In Downtown Los Angeles

The Wilshire Grand Center has opened in Downtown Los Angeles, setting records. The 73-story building at 1,100 feet high is the tallest building west of the Mississippi and 9th tallest in the entire United States! Yes, there is more! The spectacular roofline of the new building is designed to reflect the shape of the Half […]

Jun 232017
L.A. Justice Fund

Mayor Garcetti on the City of Los Angeles’ $2 Million Share of the L.A. Justice Fund “Immigrants do not stand alone in Los Angeles, and this City is bound to the American values of equal justice and due process. Today’s City Council vote makes possible the allocation of our $2 million share of the L.A. […]

Jun 232017
Dangerous Construction Debris Company Brought To A Halt

  CITY ATTORNEY FEUER SECURES INJUNCTION AGAINST OPERATORS OF DANGEROUS BOYLE HEIGHTS CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS COMPANY Operation was the Site of a 25-Foot High Pile of Construction Debris that Caught Fire and Smoldered for Six Weeks   City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that his office has successfully secured an injunction prohibiting further operation at a construction […]

Jun 212017
Cocaine Dealing At A Day Care Stopped

  CITY ATTORNEY MIKE FEUER SEEKS INJUNCTION AGAINST OWNERS OF HIGHLAND PARK HOME ALLEGEDLY DEALING COCAINE WHILE OPERATING UNLICENSED DAY CARE CENTER   City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that his office, in partnership with LA IMPACT, has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the owners of a Highland Park home where, allegedly, large scale […]

Jun 162017
A Dreamer Detained

Diego Ismael Puma Macancela, a 19-year-old high school student in Ossining, N.Y., was detained and is scheduled for deportation to his native Ecuador. His arrest took place one day after the arrest of his mother who brought him here illegally while he was still a minor two years ago. Puma Macancela was arrested on the […]

Jun 142017
Baseball Field Shooting In Virginia

During a batting practice for a charity baseball game at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria (Virginia) a gunman shot and injured four Republican members of Congress today morning. Among the injured is Stephen Joseph Scalise, the current United States House of Representatives Majority Whip and representative of Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District. Scalise was shot […]

Jun 132017
Two Attorneys General Lawsuit Against President Trump

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine, allege that President Trump is violating the anti-corruption Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Among the arguments raised in the lawsuit by the Attorney Generals: The President’s continued ownership of his business empire The Trump businesses’ acceptance of payments from foreign governments without the […]

Jun 132017
LA City Attorney Cracks A Case of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

  CITY ATTORNEY FEUER DETAILS LATEST CRACKDOWN, WARNS PUBLIC ABOUT DANGERS OF ILLEGAL SALE OF MIS-LABELED, COUNTERFEIT PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS   City Attorney Mike Feuer today detailed his office’s latest efforts to crack down on local merchants known to illegally sell counterfeit or mis-labeled pharmaceutical drugs as well as warn the public about their serious health […]

Jun 082017
Former FBI Director Testifies

Like James Comey or not, his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was concise and clear. Former FBI Director James Comey described: A one-on-one dinner with the President The President’s request for “loyalty” The President’s repeated inquiries whether he himself was under investigation (Comey assured the President that he wasn’t on three separate occasions.) The […]

Jun 042017
Terrorist Spree In London

A terrorist driving a rented van over the London Bridge deliberately rammed into pedestrians. In the ensuing panic, three attackers armed with large knifes attacked people in restaurants and bars in the Borough Market area. (The terrorists were wearing fake suicide vests to inflict even more fear on unsuspecting public.) The London Bridge and Borough Market […]

Jun 022017
Climate Mayors Oppose U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement

MAYOR GARCETTI LEADS ‘CLIMATE MAYORS’ TO OPPOSE U.S. WITHDRAWAL FROM PARIS AGREEMENT Mayor Eric Garcetti today led a coalition of mayors across the United States in denouncing President Trump’s decision to walk away from the Paris Climate Agreement. “Climate change is a fact of life that people in Los Angeles and cities around the world […]

Jun 012017
President Trump Says No To Paris Climate Accord

194 countries participate in the Paris Climate Accord which aim to encourage the switch to renewable energy sources and to lower emissions thereby delaying global warming. Nicaragua is not a part of the Accords because it considers the Paris Agreement’s standards not stringent enough. (The Nicaraguans believe that we all should do more and faster […]

Jun 012017
California Governor Co-Forms U.S. Climate Alliance

It is with true Californian pride that Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine publishes the following announcement of California Governor Brown: his response to President Trump’s rejection of the Paris Climate Agreement. Los Angeles stands with you Mr. Governor!   CA GOVERNOR BROWN, NY GOVERNOR CUOMO AND WA GOVERNOR INSLEE ANNOUNCE FORMATION OF U.S. CLIMATE ALLIANCE Brown, […]

Jun 012017
Mayor Garcetti Fighting For The Homeless

“The results of LAHSA’s Homeless Count are not a surprise to Angelenos, who have seen the number of unsheltered people in their neighborhoods grow before their eyes. The City of Los Angeles is making progress in our efforts — housing more than 9,000 people in 2016 alone. But the extraordinary number of people falling into […]

May 312017
Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine Suspends White House News

Everybody knows Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine for its coverage of current news in Los Angeles, California, the White House, United States and occasionally, the world. We went recently on a hiatus to re-think the direction of our magazine and here is what we concluded. Los Angeles and California rule! Our City, State and their leadership […]

May 262017
Hate Crime In Portland

On the first night of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which coincided with the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend this year, Portland’s resident Jeremy Joseph Christian, took on two American-born and raised teenage girls (one of whom was wearing a hijab) on a commuter train. He screamed at them Islamophobic slurs, threatened them […]

May 252017
LA City Attorney Mike Feuer On Body Shaming

“This was a very important case to me – as a father, as a son, as someone who recognizes the damage that body shaming can do because it is so humiliating,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer. “The issues that surround body shaming can be devastating – not only to daughters and mothers, but […]

May 242017
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer Office Has Its Hands Full

The very accomplished L.A. City Attorney who has successfully asserted justice in Los Angeles and for Los Angeles on many occasions has more work defending Los Angeles and Angelenos since January. The excess work originates from Washington. The latest example: Attorney General Session’s New Charging And Sentencing Directive. By all appearances the new directive (you […]

May 232017
Terrorist Attack In Manchester

On May 22nd 2017, immediately after Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, a 22-year-old British Muslim, identified by authorities as Salman Ramadan Abedi, exploded a shrapnel-laden, home-made bomb at the exit of the venue. As a result 23 people (including the terrorist) have died and 116 were injured. Any terrorist attack […]