Food For Thought

Aug 072016
Zika Virus in The US And California What You Need To Know

We’re being warned of terrorism, weak economy, etc. These concerns are certainly valid but pale in comparison with the potential risk of contracting the zika virus which poses a threat to the human neurological system. Zika virus was first identified in 1947 in Africa. The virus has been named after the area where it was […]

Jul 202016
Three Crimes Against Humanity By Three Disturbed Individuals

Three seemingly unrelated events took place just days apart: the killing of five police officers in Dallas, Texas; the massacre in Nice, France (at least 84 were killed and over 200 wounded) and the killing of three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (As we all know by now, ISIS claimed responsibility for the tragedy […]

Jul 102016
Rappers Call For Peace

In the aftermath of recent killings in Dallas, Minneapolis and Baton Rouge, two black rappers – Snoop Dogg and the Game – organized and took part in a peaceful march of racial minority men on the Police Department Headquarters in Los Angeles. The march was announced on Instagram and urged African American, Mexican and all […]

Jul 092016
EVERY Life Is Sacred

Five police officers were killed and six wounded in Dallas. The killer: black army veteran bent on exacting revenge for the recent deaths of two African Americans at the hands of the police. As we all know by now, just a day apart, there was the execution-style killing of Alton B. Sterling by police officers […]

Jul 072016
Murder In Baton Rouge

To be explicitly clear, Anything L.A. Magazine doesn’t have a reporter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. None of us, me included, has personally witnessed the arrest or the killing of 37-year old Alton B. Sterling. We know as much as all of us have learned from news reports. I have however watched both of the bystander […]

Jul 032016
Ellie Wiesel’s Legacy

Holocaust survivor, author, scholar, educator, agnostic, political – and above all – human rights’ and peace activist, Ellie Wiesel passed away at the age of 87. The trauma of Holocaust (he survived Auschwitzand and Buchenwald concentration camps) during which he lost both of his parents and a sister shaped his life, work and life’s philosophy. […]

Jun 302016
In A Nutshell Anything L.A. Magazine News Editorials

Anything L.A. Magazine didn’t necessarily plan this section. However some news should not pass by without being reflected upon. Only in the last few weeks, several such events – that called for an in depth reflection – took place. The passing of Muhammad Ali The mass shooting at Orlando’s Nightclub Brexit (Great Britain’s decision to […]