Aug 282016
Dream Wedding For A Cancer Patient

The wedding which took place in Brentwood was out of this world! The bride looked absolutely beautiful. The groom couldn’t stop smiling. The love that started 16 years earlier while both attended college was finally properly celebrated. And this couple had more to celebrate than most. Archie De Asis and Tamara Santo Domingo, originally from […]

Aug 242016
Be A Hero: Save A Young Father’s Life

Our fellow Angeleno, Adam Krief is 31. He is married and has three children, the oldest is just 3 years old. In July Adam was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of blood cancer. The disease is terminal but a bone marrow transplant can cure it. None of the currently 13 million people on […]

Jul 212016
Saj Bakery Lebanese Cuisine In Granada Hills

Interview With The Owner Of Saj Bakery Nestled in the Balboa Mission Square in Granada Hills is a nice Mediterranean Bakery with an open kitchen, huge ovens and Shawarma grills. This is the Saj Bakery, serving authentic Lebanese cuisine. Editor: First and foremost, what does “Saj” stand for? Is it a first name? An abbreviation? […]

Jul 192016
Volunteer For Better Los Angeles

There are many ways to make a difference as a volunteer in Los Angeles area. It may surprise you that one of the places that could benefit from volunteer help is City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. Our very own Department of Recreation and Parks is involved in an enormous amount of […]

Jul 182016
For The Love Of People, Food and Environment

  Interview with Tom Kaplan, CEO of Hugo’s Restaurant (Part 1)   Hugo’s Restaurant’ with several locations in Greater Los Angeles, has a reputation for serving delicious, whole food meals that are healthy for all. Anything L.A. Magazine found it unusual that a health-conscious but still a main-stream restaurant would cater also to vegetarians, vegans […]

Jul 102016
CTG Sponsors Library Readings

CENTER THEATRE GROUP EXPANDS FREE BILINGUAL LIBRARY PLAY READINGS FOR BOYLE HEIGHTS COMMUNITY FROM JULY 19 THROUGH DECEMBER 15, 2016 Center Theatre Group continues its free play reading series with the reading of six plays at three public libraries in Boyle Heights. Continuing for the fourth year in a row, the series has expanded to […]

Jul 022016
Tarzan? Volunteer At The L.A. Zoo

No, becoming L.A. Zoo volunteer isn’t particularly easy but – as long as you have no criminal record, no tuberculosis and are willing to learn – it is possible and can be very rewarding. According to the L.A. Zoo Website: “Volunteers play a vital role in fulfilling the Zoo’s mission of “Nurturing Wildlife and Enriching […]

Jun 302016
Show LA Youth The Way

Hire LA’s Youth is one of the City’s most exciting programs to put young adults to work, ensuring they have “first time” job experience that will set them on the path of lifetime earners. This year we are committed to providing 15,000 jobs for young people ages 14 to 24 who live in the city […]

Jun 292016
Up To Us

Life can get busy. It can be overwhelming at times. When a natural or man-made disaster strikes, we can feel powerless. The Up To Us section of Anything L.A. Magazine is here to empower YOU. No matter what comes our way, we are NEVER entirely helpless. There is always something that each of us can […]