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How To Reach Los Angeles Consumers Online


How To Reach Los Angeles Consumers Online

If you’re wondering how to reach Los Angeles consumers Online, wonder no more! The vast majority of Los Angeles residents are LIBERAL. The crowds you’ve seen marching for democracy in Downtown Los Angeles read Anything LA. When you advertise your services or products on Anything LA Liberal Magazine, you reach the majority of Los Angeles consumers. Anything L.A. is a Liberal Magazine and as such it attracts intelligent and affluent Los Angeles readers.

Sadly, many L.A. area business owners still waste their promotional budget on advertising on national Websites. Advertising LOCALLY, focusing on Los Angeles consumers, produces customers: not just clicks, followers, or likes.

As much as the needed quality and quantity of customers may vary from one type of Los Angeles area business type to another, Los Angeles area business benefits most from reaching Los Angeles consumers. The least interested Los Angeles prospect is still a potential customer while an eager prospect from Detroit will never be.

If your goal is to expand Los Angeles area business by promoting it to Los Angeles consumers, read the information below. Anything LA not only has the audience you’re looking for but interesting formats and rates that won’t break your budget.


The readers of Anything L.A. are LOCAL, from the Greater Los Angeles area. The majority is college educated, middle-class, from 25-65 years of age. With an average income of approximately $80,000 a year.

Anything L.A. Magazine has over a 5,000 links indexed by Google and attracts massive numbers of Angelenos, LOCAL visitors, daily. ( has over 1,000,000 page views a month.) has high visibility on all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Anything L.A. Magazine has a presence on social networks and is well-liked, most notably on Twitter.


With the single exception of Business Directory Listings (their price is lower than the cost of tracking!), all other advertising / publicity / marketing formats come with third party tracking. Anything L.A. Magazine provides Advertisers with access to tracking hits generated by our Website for the Advertiser’s Web page.

Wide Spectrum of Advertising Choices

Anything L.A. provides numerous promotional formats that address needs ranging from advertising to publicity and everything in-between.

Los Angeles Business Directory Listing

  • Los Angeles Business Directory Listing (without advertiser’s statistics; with Twitter promotion) = $240 a year

Other advertising options (all options listed below include advertiser’s statistics and Twitter promotion)

Advertising on Individual Posts and Pages

  • Specific Post (within or below text) minimum ad duration 1 month = $100 a month
  • Home Page (475×275) minimum ad duration 1 month = $500 a month

Sitewide Advertising

  • Global On All – over 1,000! – Posts (within or below text) minimum ad duration 1 month = $500 a month
  • Global On All Category Pages minimum ad duration 1 month = $250 a month
  • Global On Sidebar – except of Home Page – minimum ad duration 1 month = $200 a month

Custom Formats

  • Sponsored Post (permanent) = from $600 (one-time payment)
  • Other Custom Formats are available
  • Most advertising formats can be accommodated.


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